Get a Vaccine


Extra Vaccine Notifier is a safe way to learn about vaccines available near you.  Extra vaccines are announced by verified healthcare professionals who complete an authorization screening by SheerID on an individual level, confirming their medical license and/or credentials.  This also allows them to administer extra vaccines while healthcare organizations and pharmacies get their processes in order.

Register to receive text message notifications when a vaccine is available near you. Text messages are not a guarantee that the vaccine will be held for you. Extra vaccines are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Fill out the form below to participate in this free service. We collect information about your approximate age, phone number and address (see form below).  Age is needed because providers prefer to distribute extra vaccines to certain age groups first. Phone is so we can send a text message. Address is so we can geolocate and only notify the people nearest the extra vaccines. If we did location by something more general like zip code, we could end up notifying hundreds of people about a small number of extra vaccines (for example, 3) which is problematic. Instead we notify a manageable number of subscribers who are physically closest to the vaccines.

Your data is safe and is never sold or shared.  For more details see our privacy policy.