Frequently Asked Questions

No, not exactly because the order in which you sign up does not affect the order in which you may be notified.  Instead this service notifies people by location.  If you would like to wait in a sequential line for a healthcare provider to reach out, sign up for Dr. B.

Dr. B works with medical providers as organizations to get them access to a prioritized standby list of nearby recipients.  Extra Vaccine Notifier connects individual medical professionals with last-minute recipients who are nearby.  For example, a pharmacist has extra vaccines at the end of the day, and if their company does not have a way to quickly find recipients, the pharmacist can use Extra Vaccine Notifier to attract nearby recipients immediately.

Text messages are sent based on the distance between your address and the location where the vaccine is available.  You will not receive text messages for vaccines that are more than 15 miles from your address.  This service utilizes text messages to send notifications in the United States.  If you do not have a cell phone, you will not be able to use this service.

Our system will text only up to 3x more people than the number of available vaccines available to help ensure you don’t show up to a line dozens deep, while maximizing the probability that vaccines will not be wasted. Vaccines are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Receiving a notification does not guarantee availability; that will depend on the provider and who arrives first. Bring your medical documents with you. You may need to wait in line.

No, at this time we are not verifying users based on vaccine eligibility. Extra Vaccine Notifier simply attempts to reduce vaccine waste by notifying you when an extra vaccine is available near you.

Healthcare professionals are able to specify the age group they would prefer to give priority access to.  If no matching subscribers are nearby, other age groups are notified based on location.

Registration is tied to your cell phone number, and you can only enter one address per cell phone number.

Extra vaccines are given on a first-come-first-serve basis, which means there’s no need to respond to text message alerts. Simply show up quickly at the specified location and there may still be extra vaccines available.

Extra vaccines are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. As more people in your area become vaccinated, it may be more likely that there are extra vaccines available by the time you arrive.

You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to Extra Vaccine Notifier at 720-702-1924.

Yes – we don’t notify more people than three times the number of vaccines available. This prevents hundreds of people from being notified and showing up for only a handful of extra vaccines.

Text STOP to Extra Vaccine Notifier at 720-702-1924.  This will take you off the list for extra vaccine notifications, meaning that someone else will be able to receive notifications instead of you in the future, even if you are closer to the location of extra vaccines.

No. We believe the vaccine should be accessible to all with no option to pay for access.

Everyone is welcome to subscribe for notifications about extra vaccines.  Healthcare professionals are able to specify a preferred age group to notify, but if there are not enough subscribers in that age group, other age groups will also be notified.  We believe it is better for somebody to become vaccinated than nobody.

The medical professional who administers your first vaccine dose will schedule you to receive your second dose.

Yes, this is a legitimate, not-for-profit site which a small group of people started to “do their part” in helping America reach herd immunity faster. We were dismayed at how many vaccines were going to waste despite people being on waiting lists for months, simply because the technology didn’t exist to connect unused vaccine doses to individuals. This boots-on-the-ground service relies on verified medical professionals, not giant organizations, to efficiently and immediately connect shots with arms on a local level.

Not a penny. This is a completely free service which we created in hopes of getting more vaccine doses to the people. We do not charge anything, and we don’t rent or sell any data.

We don’t. This is our contribution to combatting COVID-19. When we first launched, we solicited donations to help us cover the cost of sending text message notifications, but skeptics were quick to label us a fundraising scam. (It’s true – no good deed goes unpunished!) Our costs far exceed donations, but we’d still rather see people get vaccines. If you feel the need to contribute, you’re welcome to visit our donation campaign which is still open here. Or if you’d like to be a sponsor contact us.

No, we take your privacy seriously. The medical professionals and user information is not sold, rented, and documents (if any) are not stored. Please review the privacy policy for more details.

We take privacy seriously, and Extra Vaccine Notifier is HIPAA- compliant. We do not store any data about whether or not you see a healthcare professional or get a vaccine. Extra Vaccine Notifier collects only enough data to verify healthcare professionals and notify nearby subscribers based on location through text messages.  The medical professional and subscriber user information is not sold or rented, and documents (if any) are not stored. Please review the privacy policy for more details on the site.

For subscribers, Extra Vaccine Notifier collects general age, phone number, address and which vaccines you are interested in. Age is needed so we can honor healthcare professionals’ requests to prioritize by age if they ask for it (and only when there are enough nearby subscribers to meet their preference). Phone number is so we can send text notifications. Address is so we can send notifications to those closest to the extra vaccines.

For healthcare professionals, verification data is handled by SheerID exclusively for the purpose of verifying your professional standing. Your account username and password hash are stored by Extra Vaccine Notifier and are also not sold or shared with anyone.

We text subscribers about extra vaccines based on geolocation. More specifically, we send notifications to people within no more than 15 miles of an extra vaccine.  If we only had zipcodes, we’d have to notify everyone in a zip code matching an extra vaccine, which might be far too many people.

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