About Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines don’t last long

Why waste?

Each vial of vaccine contains enough vaccine for several doses. However, once thawed and opened, that vaccine must be given within a short amount of time (usually 6 hours) or else must be discarded. Sometimes well-meaning healthcare professionals are left with “extra” vaccine doses that need to be given quickly.

That’s where Extra Vaccine Notifier comes in.  This service allows healthcare professionals to let us know when they have available doses.  We then immediately text message people who are nearby and have registered for this free notification service.

Where do extras come from?

This is what happens...

Appointments Fall Through

People don’t always show up for their appointments. If the vial has already been thawed, this leaves an extra dose.

Equipment Failures

Power outages or broken freezers can result in entire batches of vaccine thawing unexpectedly.

Incomplete Vials

If a vial contains enough for 8 doses and only 3 have been used during the day, the 5 remaining are extra.

Unexpected Weather

Bad weather has thrown off transportation schedules resulting in makeshift vaccine stations on the road.

Do perfectly good COVID-19 vaccines actually get thrown away?

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What other resources are there for finding COVID-19 vaccines?

Vaccine Hunter aims to connect and crowdsource information about vaccine distribution sites that have expiring doses with the goal of getting ANYONE that’s mobile and ready their first dose.  Many local Vaccine Hunter groups can be found through vaccinehunter.org.

Dr. B is a standby list for healthcare providers to use to find patients when vaccines are about to expire.  Dr. B works with healthcare providers while Extra Vaccine Notifier works with healthcare individuals.


Extra Vaccine Notifier in the news

Mar 11, 2021 – Arizona’s Family – Live interview on Good Morning Arizona

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Shorten the wait.

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