Our mission is to...

Accelerate COVID-19 Herd Immunity in the USA

Thank you for your support!  This service has been retired as it is no longer needed.  All personal data collect has been destroyed.

Stop the waste. Shorten the wait.

Use “Extra” Vaccines

When a COVID-19 vaccine vial is opened, all doses that cannot be administered within a short time window must be discarded.  Rather than throw out “extra” vaccines, Extra Vaccine Notifier allows medical professionals to broadcast that they have vaccines and are looking for quick recipients.


Our mission is to accelerate COVID-19 herd immunity in the USA. We do this by connecting healthcare professionals who find themselves with extra vaccines with people who are eagerly waiting to be vaccinated.

Healthcare professionals should follow their organizations’ processes for administering vaccines.  However, at the end of the day, if there are extra vaccines and the healthcare organization’s processes are unable to find suitable recipients for the remaining vaccines, we empower those healthcare individuals to quickly find willing recipients and potentially save lives.

To summarize:

  • Extra Vaccine Notifier puts power in the hands of individual healthcare professionals who have a conscience and would rather see extra vaccines administered than discarded.
  • Extra vaccines are announced by verified healthcare professionals who complete a thorough but quick authorization screening by SheerID on an individual level, confirming their medical license and/or credentials.
  • The public can register to receive text message notifications when a vaccine is available nearby.
  • Extra vaccines are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Text messages do not guarantee that a vaccine will be held for you.
  • Extra Vaccine Notifier is safe and HIPAA-compliant.  Personal data is never shared or sold.

Is this a vaccine standby list?

No, not exactly because the order in which you sign up does not affect the order in which you may be notified.  Instead this service notifies people based on physical location, and if you sign up you will be included in this list.  If you would like to wait in a sequential line for a healthcare provider to reach out, sign up for Dr. B.

How is Extra Vaccine Notifier different?

Dr. B works with medical providers to get their entire organization access to a prioritized standby list of nearby recipients. Until this becomes a reality across the country, vaccines are still being wasted. Extra Vaccine Notifier connects individual medical professionals with last-minute recipients who are immediately available nearby.